global warming

Nisa Asila Binti Hamdan

Abdul Emirul Na’em Bin Abdul Ajis

Final Draft

Effect of Global Warming.

Environment is so important to us. Nowadays, one of the biggest issues facing us right now is global warming .It gives an impact to animals and agricultures, it can affect the human population and it can be even scarier. Somehow, the situation still remain the same , there is no solution for these issues that is to say global warming is now considered as a most probably problems that has to be a cure. Thus, global warming causes many effects towards environment and habitat such as greenhouse effects, rising in sea level and extinction of flora and fauna.

According by epa, the national greenhouse gas inventory report presents estimates of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions and sinks for the years 1990 through 2009. As a human being we need oxygen to survive our routine. Furthermore, plants, animals and humans need each other to survive in this world. In science facts, without plans humans cannot breathe and death eventually. Disforestation can cause greenhouse effect because it produced more carbon dioxide rather than oxygen. Greenhouse made a disease insects migrate north bringing plague and diseased with them. The consequence of global warming will effect negative to economic .Hence, Hurricane twister will cause a big damage and billions ringgit to repair the damage. Furthermore, an increase of earth temperature is happening and all worlds have to admit is that the earth is getting hot. At the same time, allow radioactive and a light purple ray (UV).This is happen because decrease of ozone layers and open burning. Then, when it already happens it’s might be too late for us to recover it.

According to  Senator Lindsey O. Graham. Effect of global warming is rising in sea level worldwide. This is because melting of two massive ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland. Furthermore, when melting of iceberg will be bring a negative thing to our family and children, they will suffer from this thing. Other reason why global warming is rising in sea level worldwide, it is rising seas will increasing coastal, erosion, pollution, storm damage and flooding. Furthermore, some of these effects may be further compounded by other effect at a changing climate. People who leave by the beach should be careful and save their property properly from rising sea level worldwide. It is intruding salt water might contaminate groundwater supplies and threaten landfill and landfill and hazardous-waste sites.

Then, global warming can cause extinction of flora and fauna. This is because that will effect the tourism industry. Furthermore, our country is the best tourism ever and almost famous about coral reef, nobody will come to visit our country if these global warming effect  the tourism industry. Also, it will increase of ocean acidification, the damage eco-system gave us impact in our daily life such as difficulties of surviving food and clean air. In the other hand, the forestry development will decrease. For example, the thin of ozone layers will reduce the development of forestry and cause the land became more acidic. So, it is hard for forest to develop.

The conclusion is global warming already disrupts millions of lives daily in the forms od destructive weather patterns and loss of habitat. Even if we as human are not fundamentally creating global warming, there are still many ways that can help us to reduce it many types of pollution and waste that causes and effected from global warming. Thus, global warming causes many effects towards environment and habitat such as greenhouse effects, rising in sea level and extinction of flora and fauna.


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